The Oscars at Hollywood Nights


Usulutan is described as dirty and unsafe, as usual don’t believe what you read. We arrived there after another long, hot El Salvadorean day. As we cycled through the place felt pleasant with spring flowers catching the evening sun. We needed a posada though and asked some guy on the street. He mentioned one a few streets off to the left and we went in search of it. It was hard to miss, ‘Hollywood Inn’ painted in big letters over a garish pink.

We asked the price for a night and the owner asked if we were a couple. Thinking nothing of it, we nodded yes and he pointed us to one of the rooms off a courtyard. I noticed the sign straight away and guessed what the story was. $5 for two hours, $2.50 for each extra hour and $10 for the night. Clearly a place to stop into to ‘get it on”. The room was hilarious. A roll of toilet paper hanging by the bed, tiled surfaces everywhere and some strange tiled bench in the corner. Best not to let your imagination run wild but I guess tiled surfaces are easier to clean. It had a TV though, we turned it on hoping to catch highlights of the Oscars and it went straight to a porn channel. On asking for a key we were told that there were no keys for the big iron doors. We were able to bolt it from the inside though, and they kindly let us cook by the door step. I caught a glimpse of some couple heading for one room but other than that it seemed we were the only guests. We were off again at six the following morning, joking about what was definitely the oddest place we have stayed in yet.

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