Adios Mexico


We have settled into Guatemala, Mexico seems a long way away, distance measured by time, lanscape and culture. But….what a great country it was to start our trip in and really, it was full of great surprises, far removed from the land of  tequilla and sombreros that one might expect. We travelled over 1300km through a small part of a big country and although much was flat and costal, we still climbed almost 10,000 meters. It was great training and in case anyone is wondering, we didn’t prepare (physically) for the trip, too diffcult in a hard winter. We have grown attached to our bikes and their accessories, bike mirrors were last minute purchases but are so necessary here, and of course a bike computer, helping you keep track of the days. I guess you could do without one but it certainly helps in putting some order into your day especially with the long and slow ascents that seem to be part of our current daily routine. A lot is psychological, if you are cruising at 25k then you feel happy, if you have been climbing all day and know there are only a couple of hundred meters left than it puts a spring in your step, so to speak. Ayway, here it is……

….my bike computer, just as we were about to reach our highest point yet, and possibly the highest on our entire route through the Centro America, close to the oddly named peublo of Alaska, altimeter reading 2989m, swallowing lungfuls of oxygen depleted air as the wheels turned, the gradient thankfully down to 1% close to the summit, the temperature still at 26 degrees, and moving at 13.5kph, we had only covered 32km of the 83km we would do that day, yeah I guess it is psychological but it is great to have the numbers at the end of such effort.

And so, one border crossing easily completed, a new country, many more to come, and no punctures yet either!

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