We left Villahermosa today and had a 60k cycle to Teapa. Funny how 60km seems so short now, we got here in 3 hours and the scenery along the way was beautiful, lush green fields edged with tropical growth and banana plantations lining the country road. Not long after Villahermosa we could see the mountains outlined against the grey cloud. I love the mountains, and after a couple of weeks on the flatlands they are a welcome sight. Teapa on a Sunday aftgernoon, a small town, bustling as usual, but Hotel Jardin is tranquil, a bunch of rooms arranged around a courtyard, not as grand as it sounds, but a chilled hideaway. Teapa sits in the foothills of mountains that will bring us to Argentina, the backbone that stretches the length of the entire American continents. We are feeling fit and strong and ready to start climbing.


After cooking up some dinner in the courtyard a mexican arrived at the posada, guitar in hand and started to sing, beautiful mexican chansons. Soon after we heard drumming in the street and on investigating, saw that a carnival had started up, a la Rio, groups in brightly coloured costumes dancing and swinging their way through the little town. The square was alive with people and stalls and music. These little places never fail to surprise. We strolled around for a while, had a coffee and watched the comings and goings, the place buzzing. Early nights are part of our long and tiring days and to the sound of some thumping beats we fell into deep sleep.    

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